Species/Sale Discount



Discounted Species Commisions

Hyenas,English Bull terriers ,Pit bulls

These species are our favorites to make so you the
customer benefit from our love of these breeds/species.


Artistic Liberty:

This being when you commission me for a suit of my designing. You can pick the species, gender, style, theme, pattern ideas and give me your color preferences however, I will be taking those things and designing a suit along those guide lines. You are getting a discount for giving me freedom to make something I think will look good. You will get a sketch of what I intend to make. Great for someone who wants a suit of a specific animal but has no idea how to make it their own. Example:
“Hello,I am looking for a realistic green husky fullsuit with digitigrade padding, outdoor soles, paw pads on the hands, claws, a moving jaw and 3D eyes. I have not made a design but I think I would like the character to be punk rock themed.”

Mystery suit: Some what similar to the Artistic liberty commission. Big difference is you have absolutely NO SAY in what is made.  You will however get a substantial discount. Perfect for someone just wanting a suit but not sure what they want. Payments are available but you will not receive any photos until the suit is finished and all payments have been made. If there is something in specific you would not like to get at all please tell me.here to edit text.

Species Discount: I get tired of making the same cats and dogs all the time, so I offer a species discount. Throw something my way and i’ll give you a quote